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The Bucks County Broncos are an Adult Minor League Football team . We're the only full contact spring football team in the Bucks County/Northeast Philadelphia areas. Our goals are to have a fairly run and successful football organization, send our players to the college or professional levels, but most of all win the championship. We're only looking for serious dedicated athletes who will show up to every practice that they can make. This team was built to give athletes that 2nd chance so you wont have to wonder and ask that one question that we all hate, "could I have done it?" Maybe you went to college got injured or cut, or maybe you were a high prospect in high school but didn't have the grades or money to go to college ETC. Well the Broncos are your 2nd chance. We have connections with a new professional arena team that will be recruiting our players, we also have a Professional Photographer, film crew, and an internet highlight show. If you are looking to get into a college we will help you. Our coaching staff is full of highly experienced coaches.

The Bucks County Broncos were founded in 2008 as an idea by 3 friends and team mates from a team called the Northeast Titans to start a real football program that was fair and affordable. The main goal and reason for building this team was to help players get to the next level whether it was college or the professional levels. Philadelphia has so much undiscovered talent so it was decided that the team would be based in the Bucks County area for three reasons, field conditions, undiscovered talent in Philadelphia, and the Suburban One High School League one of the best and toughest  high school football leagues in the country is based in Bucks County and there are so many great high school athletes that have a hard time getting into college and they have no 2nd chance. It was also decided the team now named the Bucks County Broncos would play in the spring to avoid conflict with other teams near by. The Broncos joined the ECFA but decided instead to join the ACFA for the 2009 spring season 2 of the 3 founders decided they needed to drop out of this project for personal reasons so Rio Prisco the only one of the 3 founders left decided to take over the team. Mr. Prisco ran into coach Duke Mitchell a former coach of the Northeast Titans and presented coach Mitchell with his idea of the Broncos. Coach Mitchell immediately joined up and became the head coach and later Coach Thorpe joined. The team only had 12 players join despite having a really great preseason the ACFA voted the Broncos out. But the Broncos got a call from another league Called the GEFA. The GEFA knew the Broncos situation the 2009 season the Broncos went winless despite having a really good Defense the Offense couldn't come together. After the 2009 season Mr. Prisco went to work and promised huge changes. Mr. Prisco delivered on his promise. Both Coach Mitchell and Mr. Prisco went out recruited, recruited, and recruited some more. Mr. Prisco went out and found a offensive coordinator Coach Jim Wick,a new field, and built a new website. The Broncos grew from the smallest team in the league to the biggest and now had a full roster. The 2010 season came and the new and improved Broncos finished with a record of 6-4 to become the Penn Jersey East Division Champs and securing a 1st round bye and 2nd seed in the playoffs the huge mistake the Broncos made was they took the whole bye week off and had a really light practice before the playoff game against a really tough Wolfpack team. The Broncos came out flat offensively throwing 6 interceptions 3 of those interceptions ran back for a touchdown and the other 3 thrown within their own 15 yard line despite having the number 1 ranked defense in the league the Broncos were defeated 40-6. Once again Mr. Prisco has promised Huge changes for the 2011 season can he deliver again? We will see. 

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