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Broncos get New Home

The SMG SportsPlex in Warminster now the new Official Home Of the Bucks County Broncos.

Broncos in Mourning

Saturday we lost one of the greatest men in the world. I just want to let you all know this man fought for every last second of his life and never gave up. 13 years ago they told him he only had 3-4 months and he lived 13 more years. He was our friend our leader and our father. RIP Edgar Duke Mitchell no words can describe how much we are going to miss you. We all love you

Broncos starting Team Workouts
all Broncos and all players interested in becoming Broncos 2012 We will be holding team workouts starting Wednesday Aug 10th it is highly recommended you show up Location TBD. Also Aug 20th we will be helping the Bristol Wardogs Youth AA with their coin toss at the Walmart from 11:00 am-2:00 pm they let us use their facilities for free so its only fair we help them out with raising money.
Broncos Did it 2011 Champions

What a season 2011 was ups and downs but in the end the Bucks County Broncos have won 2 that's right 2 championships 1st the Independence Bowl with a 70-8 Victory over the the Delmarva Bayriders and 2nd The War Between The Walls classic in a 28-20 overtime Victory. 2011 was a great season and couldn't ask for a better bunch of men who gave it their all. This season was dedicated to head coach Duke Mitchell who has been fighting cancer. 

Broncos 2-0
Broncos move onto 2-0 by defeating a very tough Breaker Boys team 35-26 it was definitely one of the hardest hitting games the Broncos have ever been apart of both teams came to play. all prayers go out to Breaker boys Center who got taken to the hospital during the game wish him a full recovery. This week the Broncos travel all the way to Mountain top Pa to take o the Mountain Top Reapers. Everybody be at the field at 9:00 we are leaving 10:00.
Broncos win season opener 28-8

Saturday the Bucks County Broncos defeated the Bayshore Brawlers in a tough game. The 1st quarter the game was scoreless late in the 2nd quarter the Broncos scored a Touchdown but missed the 2 point conversion making it 6-0 soon after the Brawlers scored making the score at the end of the 1st half 6-6. 1st play of the 2nd half the Brawlers threw an interception on the Broncos One a couple plays later the Brawlers sacked QB Darrick Legare for a safety making the score 8-6 Brawlers the rest of the 3rd quarter was a defensive battle in the 4th quarter the Broncos completely dominated the Brawlers scoring 3 Touchdowns and a total of 5 turnovers. It was a fun game we always enjoy playing against the Brawlers can't wait for the rematch in week 6. Next week we have the Breaker boys at home AKA Summit Hill Tigers remember these guys always give us a tough battle so we can't take them lightly.

Broncos Defeat Bayriders 36-24

Sunday The Broncos Traveled all the way to the DU Burns Arena in Baltimore Maryland to take on the Delmarva Bayriders Professional Indoor Football team in what is being called the return of starting QB JC Conover. The game was well fought by both teams. And we would like to thank Bayriders owner Shane Wootten and ICFL Commissioner Matthew Steeple for giving us the opportunity to play a professional team in a professional environment. DJ Crazy Tom covered the game for us and to listen to the game visit his web Page at http://crazytom.libsyn.com/
1st Practice full pads

Team Meeting went well practice next Sunday 1:00 pm FULL PADS yes you heard right FULL PADS everybody just got done a season so no need to waste time and just throw a ball around. For guys that didn't make it to the meeting make sure to make practice on Sunday. BC BRONCOS 2011 our year aint nobody going to stop us

Broncos add two more Coaches
We would like to welcome two more coaches to the the Broncos family Chris Wolcott & Kevin Williams. Coach Wolcott will be our new strength/conditioning coach. Coach Wolcott has a lot of experience and is now coaching with the Warminster Colts . Coach Williams will be helping out with the LB's. Coach Williams also has a lot of experience coaching at the high school level. Coach Williams has coached at the Bensalem High school and won the freshmen championship 3 years in a row, he has also coached at Northeast High School and is now coaching at Truman.
More Huge News

The Bucks County Broncos will be covered by the Bucks County Courier Times during our 2011 season. This is a huge step into sending our players to the next level.

Huge announcement

Huge Announcement Broncos/GEFA fans the GEFA will be on pod casting Internet radio DJ Crazy Tom will be covering the league  when the season starts. This is Huge for the Broncos and the GEFA. To find out more about the DJ Crazy Tom Show  visit www.crazytom.libsyn.com or his facebook page  www.facebook.com/crazytom

New O line/D line Coach
The Bucks County Broncos would like to Welcome
coach Henrock Johnson to the Broncos family. Coach Johnson will be
helping out with the O and D line. Coach Johnson has played center for
the Warminster colts for many years and has tons of experience
New Defensive coordinator
The Bucks County Broncos would like to welcome our new defensive coordinator Mike VanAllen Sr. to the Broncos family. Coach VanAllen has a lot of experience as a player and a coach. Coach VanAllen has played for the Frankford Yellow Jackets and has coached the Warminster Colts and is now the head coach of the Philadelphia Venom . We feel that Coach VanAllen can make our already tough as nails defense a lot better. The League saw how good our Defense was without a defensive coordinator wait til they see now. 
New Rb/db Coach

The Bucks County Broncos would like to welcome coach Richard Watson to the Broncos family. Coach Watson will be helping us with the RB's/DB's. Coach Watson has 25yrs football experience 16yrs as a coach, and 9yrs  as a player. 1yr with the Olney Eagles, 6yrs. with the Northwest Giants, and 2yrs. with the Southampton Falcons, 1yr with the Summerdale Outlawz, and now owns his own fall minor league football team called the Philadelphia Hornets. Coach Watson has won 16-Championships!!!  Coach Watson has been to a couple of our games and can't wait to start.

Broncos Cheerleading/Dance Team coming soon

Yes the Bucks County Broncos are starting a Cheerleading/Dance team in 2011 for more info please go to the Broncos Cheerleaders page.

More Major changes to come in 2011

All Broncos I just want to tell you and this comes from my heart I am proud of you we didn't win the chip but we did win respect last year we went from a winless team to the division champs all in 1 year. One thing we did was struck fear in this league they seen how much we improved this year wait till they see us next year. I love all yall like brothers. 2011 is our year like I said look how much we improved in 1 year we struck fear into the league now they know we ain't playing around me , Andre, Tim, and the coaches are already getting stuff ready for 2011 oh and we already have a new Defensive coach for 2011 but for now he doesn't want me to announce yet. Like I said at the end of last season big changes once again are coming Some of the changes to expect we will have a Running Backs coach, we will have home and away uniforms, more sponsors, and so much more.

 The Bucks County Broncos are now the 2010 Penn-Jersey East Division Champs beating a very tough Tigers team 25-19 locking the 2nd seed in the playoffs and a 1st round bye. It was a well fought game and we wish the Tigers luck against the Maniax in the 1st round of the playoffs.  The road don't end here we still got 3 more games until we hold that trophy up high. Remember No Mercy. Come on out and support the 2010 Penn-Jersey East Division champs in the playoffs June/19/10 7:00 pm. Most likely we'll be playing the SC Wolfpack but this time at our house.
Broncos defeat Mustangs 50-40

Saturday the Broncos traveled all the way to E-Town for a week 1 makeup game with the E-Town Mustangs a couple of weeks ago the Broncos completely dominated the Mustangs 52-14. This week the Broncos were shorthanded again and dominated the 1st half with a score of 34-6. The Mustangs came out the 2nd half with that will not quit attitude. in the end the Broncos won 50-40 great game by both teams and the mustangs showed a lot of heart.  Next we got the Summit Hill Tigers at our house remember we
beat them in OT  earlier in the season so this is not a team to take lightly a
divisional title and first round bye are on the line. Remember NO
. The Playoffs start now.

Broncos defeat Brawlers 32-23

Saturday the stage was perfect 2 teams that do not like each other very much arch rivals. Earlier in the season the Broncos dominated the Brawlers 27-8 but the Brawlers got a very controversial forfeit victory over the Broncos. Saturday the Broncos were short handed with only 18 players. The 1st half the Broncos dominated with 4 defensive turnovers at the end of the half the Broncos lead 20-0. The 2nd half the Brawlers got some steam and scored a few times but the Broncos were just too far ahead in the end the Broncos won 32-23. This weekend we have a make up game with the E-Town Mustangs at E-town. You know the Mustangs are hungry for that 1st win and we can not take them lightly. We got to keep that fire we had in the 1st half against the Brawlers. Remember No Mercy.

Broncos Dominate Mustangs 52-14

After a heart breaking loss to the Maniax with 5 seconds to go and a 3 game losing streak, the Broncos were looking for revenge. Saturday night the Broncos showed absolutely no mercy to a very tough Mustangs team who did not give up at all. The Broncos dominated the entire game crushing The Mustangs 52-14. Next the Broncos have a rematch with their arch rivals the 3 time defending champs Bayshore Brawlers who the Broncos also dominated 27-8 but the Brawlers got a very controversial forfeit victory over the Broncos. You can guarantee the Broncos are looking for blood in this one.    

Broncos defeat Cyclones 29-0

Saturday night the Broncos played a tough Cyclones team in Bristol under the lights. The Broncos defense dominated the Cyclones all night long shutting the Cyclones out. Fans are starting to call the Broncos Defense the Brick Wall. Next week the Broncos take on one of the better teams in the conference the Schuylkill County Wolfpack who beat the Broncos by 1 point last season. So do not take the wolfpack lightly 

Broncos defeat 2-0 Tigers

Once again the Bucks County Broncos came through with a big victory defeating the 2-0 Summit hill Tigers 24-18 in an Overtime thriller. The game lived up to the hype of being chosen as the game of the week. The Summit Hill Tigers fought hard and lead through most of the 2nd half, but the Broncos made a 4th quarter comeback to send the game into OT. The Broncos won the toss and chose to defend 1st. The Broncos D prevailed ,and it took the Broncos only a couple of plays to get the winning TD. It was a fun and well fought game by both teams. Looking forward to seeing the classy Summit Hill Tigers in a week 10 rematch. Next we take on a tough Mount Joy Cyclones team at home Saturday 4/17/10 7:30 pm. Come out and support the Bucks County Broncos. 

Broncos Win season Opener 27-8
Saturday night the Broncos got to take on the 3 time defending champion Brawlers under the lights. The very 1st play the Broncos threw an interception that got run back for a Brawlers TD. The Brawlers went for 2 and was successful (not a good start) but soon after the Broncos took complete control of the game. The Broncos Defense dominated the Brawlers Offense the entire game with 5 turnovers. The final score 27-8 Broncos. The Brawlers played a tough game and did not give up. Next the Broncos play the Summit Hill Tigers at Summit Hill 4/10/10 1:00. The Tigers like the Broncos have also been improved it should be a great game.  
New Offensive Coordinator

Jim Wick will be joining the Bucks County Broncos coaching staff in the 2010 season. Coach Wick has had a lot of experience in both playing and coaching football. Coach Wick played Qb for the West Chester University Golden Rams and was part of the 1988 National Championship Team. after his college football days coach Wick became a teacher. Coach Wick continued to play football at the Semi pro level playing QB for the Frankford Yellow Jackets later to become the Philadelphia Storm which became a championship team, the Philadelphia Bruisers another championship team, and started his own semi pro team called the Philadelphia Celts. Coach wick has coached the offense of various middle schools and has been the QB coach at Truman High school.  

Broncos Get Player into college

 It is with great pleasure to announce that Eric Price one of the our young talented and most dedicated athletes has gotten a full scholarship to play D1 AA Football at Morgan State University in Baltimore Maryland. We are all extremely proud of Eric. Eric has been a great leader. We sent Tapes and have talked to the coaches at MSU. We wish Eric the best of luck at the D1 AA level. You will always be a Bronco. This is why this team was built to give our athletes that 2nd chance and Eric has gotten it. If you show us that dedication we will get you to the next level.  
The 2009 season is over and the 2010 season will be nothing like the 09 season. We've gotten over that hump of being a 1st year team, and now its time for some major changes. We already made a few changes like our website, we now have a GM, a big coaching staff, and we start the internet show the 2010 season. Some changes that are to come are we will be getting our uniforms done by Agame yes new uniforms already, a new home field, and so much more is to come.

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